The Suicide Squad or cheap Guardians of the Galaxy?

The Suicide Squad or cheap Guardians of the Galaxy?
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Copied jokes from Guardians of the Galaxy
Complete try to destroy Previous Suicide Squad by killing all the old members in first 5 minuets.

What the fuck Harley have the flowers :bouquet: in background
Bloodsport has magic or what? In last fight the gun assembling seen is so dumb. How where he get so advanced technology like Iron Man Suit Nano technology.

After seeing this new shit :poop: I definitely want Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad #ReleaseTheAyerCut

They both* director done the things they known for inserting the cheep comedy in between the massive action seen. And this is not fucking marvel so they cant survive in DC world. because dc world want silent humour.

*joss whedon, james gunn

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Even the movie try to romanticize the rape scene. What the cheep mentality.

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They tying to sell the movie for face of famous actors and director like Bollywood